What is Tokyo Citadel?

In 2013, a Redditor going by the name Luka Magnotta wrote what would become a wildly popular post about a future in which Bitcoiners reign supreme.

Posing as a time traveler from the year 2025, Magnotta described that year as a wildly unequal dystopia divided between Bitcoin investors and everybody else. Magnotta’s post was extremely popular, with Bitcoin enthusiasts latching on to one aspect in particular: The Bitcoin Citadel.

Magnotta wrote that in the future Bitcoin would become so prized that holders would join together in communities spread throught the world forming sovereign communities based on the economic prosperity brought on by bitcoin. As such bitcoin citadels would be self-sufficient; inoculated against broader-scale societal collapse; joyous and free.

Science fiction stories aside, what the Reddit bitcoin post set off in the imagination of the bitcoin community was that bitcoin can and perhaps should act as a sort of defense against various forms of encroaching tyranny. The bitcoin network envisioned as a bulwark has led many to take steps in building and promoting bitcoin in such a way that it can serve as a protective barrier against monetary debasement, governmental encroachment of civil liberties and totalitarian forms of social contagion.

With that proactive framework in mind, Tokyo Citadel looks gather, build with and educate new bitcoiners in the city of Tokyo.